Voting on the submitted ideas will be Thursday, February 16th at 5-7 PM.

Submissions will be accepted up to 11:59 PM CST on February 12, 2017.

Please read the rules and limitations carefully before submitting your idea.


There are rules and limitations, please make sure you are fully aware before you submit.
Prize money will be awarded on or as 
close to the presentation night as possible.

  1. The five Innovation Market finalists will be required to submit a 3-page business plan before their final presentation. The finalist will have approximately one month to complete the business plan from the point they are a named a finalists. SCORE and other mentor groups will aid finalists in drafting their final business plans.
  2. The voting process is ANONYMOUS in regard to both individuals submitting ideas and individuals voting. If you are submitting an idea you are not allowed to claim or pitch your idea to attendees until after the voting process. Any advertising of your submission at event, on social media, or keywords names identifying you on submission will cause you to be disqualified.
  3. Your idea must be for-profit entity to be eligible for 1st and 2nd place prize
  4. Your business/idea must reside within a 50 mile radius of Sioux City, Iowa to be eligible for 1st and 2nd place prize.
  5. You must be 18 years old or older to submit an idea.


Idea submissions are now closed. Please join us February 16th from 5-7 PM to vote for this years winner!


If an idea submission falls outside the stated rules and limitations, a special submission request for entry may be issued to the Innovation Market committee for approval at Any request should be detailed enough to explain why and how this will benefit the community as well as reasoning for the special request of submission. All requests will be issued to the committee anonymously and will be discussed and voted upon by attending committee members. All idea submissions entered are subject to approval by the Innovation Market committee.