Teams will race through the heart of Sioux City by solving clues, seeking destinations and completing challenges, similar to the hit television show Amazing Race.

Clues may contain photographs, hints, puzzles, riddles, challenges, trivia, specific directions or some combination of these. Teams will travel by foot to clue destinations where some will require completion of crazy challenges! There is no set course, which will make strategizing a valuable tool.

The race is designed for everyone from near and far, and we try our best not to give locals an unfair advantage. Anyone who can think and move quickly has a chance at winning! Internet use, phoning-a-friend, and questioning strangers are encouraged.

To add to the fun, teams should come dressed in matching or themed team spirit costumes. CASH AND PRIZES will be awarded!

Our 2015 SiouxMazing Race was amazing. See some of our fun photos from the event below.


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